Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What seems important is beginning and continuing in manner keeping close to what is sought. I think that is what makes beginning so challenging.

The beginning already made, is the choice of "Broken Journey" as a blog title. So just what is involved in staying close to that sought through the title?

There's always something wider than and beyond what what we do to journey: be that what we do and say, or where we direct ourselves.
There is also something pretty enduring about living, about being human. There is a big and constant framework to the whole thing; some game parameters which are somewhat fixed.
It's that deep horizon that Journey refers to: whatever we do in detail, and personally; there is a trajectory that is us against that horizon.

Sometimes we are closer to awareness of, and connection with that trajectory: and sometimes we seem to forget it pretty much; and other times we seem cut off, perhaps from something essentially important.

Anyway, I would say that my whole life I've been concerned about this sense of journey, my whole life I've been taken up with staying close to what that journey involves and reveals.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hesitant about just how to begin. I suppose that blogging tends to be about the author, one way or another. Begining needn't be about a past which needs to stream through that beginning; it can be a portal to something fresh.

Why broken jourmey? Naming yourself on the internet is quite a singular thing. There's a real aspect of freedom to create yourself. So why any name?

Two connotations. Where a break in a journey is enforced; and where, alternately, the break is willed and chosen. Where, when enforced, the break might be bleak or traumatic; and, when chosen, an opportunity for joy.

So, what journey? The simple answer is that the journey is that of life and living. The more complex answer has the journey as through meaning and becoming.

There is something constant and enduring in that journey, but it belongs on a plane which hides as shyly as any feral creature.
The journey is broken when connection with that plane is lost. The journey is broken when choosing to turn from it to the warmth of sharing meaning with others.